ImmPower AHCC

ImmPower Wins Best of Supplements 2011 Award

American BioSciences’ immune system booster supplement, ImmPower, has won the Better Nutrition magazine 2011 Best of Supplements Award for Best Immunity Supplement. Better Nutrition magazine is dedicated to holistic, all-natural healthy living. ImmPower supports peak Natural Killer (NK) cell function with AHCC. AHCC is a mushroom proprietary blend that can increase NK cell activity by over 300%.

Unleash the Natural Killer in You!

Research shows that NK cells, a specific type of white blood cell, are your immune system’s frontline defense. In order to maintain a strong immune system, it is important to provide NK cells with the proper tools to fight back against invaders. NK cells are literally born to kill. They constantly patrol for abnormal cells that take up residence in your body and destroy your health. NK cells go to work immediately. First, they identify invader cells. Then they inject them with cytotoxic granules that cause the invaders to literally explode. When you arm your immune system with ImmPower, it’s like having the National Guard stationed at the front door to your body.

ImmPower Your Immune System!

ImmPower can be taken with fellow award winner Metatrol® for maximum immune defense. Metatrol is the most potent and super-concentrated Fermented Wheat Germ Extract natural health supplement ever produced, and the only one that is gluten-free.