13 Healthy Habits to Make Life Easier for Women

13 Healthy Habits to Make Life Easier for Women

A modern society asks sometimes too much from us, and you feel the pressure of everyone, from the influencers to the government, to your own mother. Take it easy while following this list of 13 healthy habits to make your day fit for yourself.

Stop comparing yourself to others

The first habit you should stop is to compare yourself to others. No matter what something looks like on the outside, it is not the way you perceive it to be. Why? You simply aren’t that person. That means that you have no idea what it took to get to the place, the position, or the state of mind you are shown. Remember Marilyn Monroe? You can’t trust the sparkles.

Make a vision board

It is, however, good to be inspired by someone else. Do you want that job position? That dress? That vacation? Make a vision board! The number of stimuli our brains receive from the phone and our surroundings each day can affect our emotions easily.

Why not start your day looking at the board, imagining your dream life while eating breakfast, doing exercise, or as a wallpaper on your screen, so you can get the glimpses all day long? It is about the small things which make our day better.

Make a plan to incorporate these 13 healthy habits into your daily life

Do not mix the vision board with the planning! The vision board represents long-term goals, or an easily representable short-term goal, like a dress, or visiting a spa center for a weekend. The important part of achieving the goals from the vision board is everyday activities. A to-do list or a planner – the choice is completely yours!

Sometimes the key to good organization is to physically see your list and to check it easily during the course of the day and write down additional points. Try to link it with an activity you need multiple points to complete, or on especially busy days to make it a habit to check and write (or type) down the necessary details.

Take the time of the day for yourself

Though easily achievable, it is often not easy to forget to prioritize the self. Some are satisfied with the long shower and skincare time or cleaning around the house with their earphones on, while others need a bigger chunk of the 24 hours for themselves. All are completely normal, and do not feel guilt for taking the time to breathe, recuperate, refresh, or simply be selfish!

That movie you wanted to watch? That pedicure appointment you keep postponing to schedule? Schedule. It. Now. Outside is a beautiful, bright day and you really want to take a walk? Go. Just go. You can unload the dishwasher later. Self-care cannot be done by anyone else but yourself.

Make a move and feel your body in action

You don’t have to go to the gym, or jog every morning or whatever – just move. Doing household chores has double the effect by burning calories and making your house shine! Play your favorite music and dance to a few tunes.

Your pet would also very much appreciate more time in play, so, while dogs love taking long walks, your cats will appreciate some playtime too. Try a leash if your cat can stand one, or simply use an old shoelace and trot around the house – the reaction is bound to happen fast! If you have noticed that your dog or cat is starting to slow down and isn’t as playful or mobile as they used to be, DGP for Pets can help put the pep back in their step.

Mental health

We all know that we should train our bodies and mind alike, but do we really do it? Do we really dread the gym because we don’t want to exercise, or the reason is it that we are ashamed of the state our body is in? It doesn’t matter if you are ashamed because of the lack of strength, it is a reason enough to put the gym membership on hold. No one will be in your head like you are, and as much as your body is important, your mind is the one using it.

Meditation, journaling, activities with other people, a therapist, or heart-to-heart conversations with your close ones, the mental gym is the one we need every day. Don’t feel ashamed of asking for attention, help, or a piece of advice – connection is one of the most important human activities.

Do not forget the yearly gyno appointment

No one is more important than you. Your mental health can be quick to show on your body health. It doesn’t need to be anything other than the prolonged period of stress and a few cookies later – a Candida infection occurs! The pain you feel during your period is also not normal, or the fact that your period is later than it should be.

Make a yearly visit, have a PAP smear done, and ask about any insecurity, any change, or issue you have an uncertainty of. Your doctor is there to help you be healthy, feel safe, and be informed. If you are not comfortable, change the doctor! You have a right to make your visits to the doctor as pleasant as possible.

Care about your smile

Regular check-ups are also needed with the dentist. The six month preventive dental care appointment is crucial to keep your smile perfect. The first signs of a cavity are not easily visible, and it is best to have your teeth checked regularly. Additionally, the reason your gums sometimes bleed or the way some food irritates them also needs a check by a professional.

Breath fresh air every day

We need a daily dose of vitamin D. The mental effect that the breeze and the sky have on us is inevitable. A short walk or playing with your dog in the backyard for half an hour is enough. You do not need to engage in long hikes or bike rides– meditation or a simple tall glass of lemonade in peace do wonders for our lungs and minds equally.

Spend time with loved ones

Humans are sociable beings, no matter how much do you like to be on your own (or not), there are people around us. And, at the end of the day, there are many we have to engage with.

Sometimes it is all too much, and we forget or just pass on the time with the ones we should cherish the most. They are the ones which heal us, the ones that make our hearts full, that are there when we need them. Don’t avoid them because you had a bad day – they will make it better.

Make the time to stay informed about your interests

Here, the point is not in checking the weather or current hot political debate (although it could be). The interests we have can sometimes seem as trivial as orchid pruning, or a new book release.

Take the time and care to satisfy your desire for new knowledge – nothing is trivial if you are satisfied with it. In the end, many interests gathered communities of people with the same hobbies or interests in topics.

Help someone and engage in active citizenship

When mentioning a specific interest, some interests are of importance for bigger groups of people or even entire countries. The initiatives have levels from local to global, from hobbies to professions. It is beautifully fulfilling to engage in activities of minds alike in order to achieve a higher goal, be it the new playground for kids or an initiative to save the rhinos. You are valued and you are free to express your opinions, to fight for yourself and the rights of others.

Every day is a new day

In the end, if these sometimes look like too much, do not do them. It is all right to skip, it is all right to not do it (just please do not forget your medical appointments), and it is okay to don’t know what do you want to do.

Explore, give yourself time, change and try out different things. Society is a remarkably complex system and you can decide what you want and what you do not want to do based on your current state, which can change anytime. Enjoy yourself anytime with these 13 healthy habits!