AHCC® Immune System Support


Size: 30 capsules/bottle

Active Ingredients: 500 mg AHCC proprietary blend.

– Maintains peak Natural Killer cell function.
– Supports enhances cytokine production.
– Supports optimal T-cell and macrophage activity.
– Gluten free and non-GMO

If You Could See the Invisible World That Your Immune System Battles Everyday— You’d Be Terrified

The invisible, harmful agents your immune system has to fight every day are downright scary. To make matters worse, your immune response becomes much weaker as you age. In fact, foreign cells that invade the body and outfox the immune system actually age your body prematurely. You’re exposed daily to hundreds of different toxins and attacking cells, and they’re chomping at the bit to set up a butcher shop in your body. Guess who they’re going to use for meat?

Here’s a Simple Example:

You’ve just been grocery shopping, and without knowing it, the person who used the shopping cart before you had an invisible, very unfriendly invader on their hands. Now it’s on YOU, and in YOUR body. And speaking of groceries, during a recent contaminated food scare, our government warned that older population and others with impaired immune systems were especially vulnerable. Problem is, people with impaired immune systems are a dime a dozen. Do you ever use bug spray? Get exposed to paints, pesticides, and pollution? Ever been around cigarette smoke or chemical cleaners? Eaten unhealthy foods? All of these things can contribute to an impaired immune system.

Even Stress and Grief Weaken the Immune System

All these factors, and countless other everyday assaults, wear down your immune system as you age. This may result in immense damage to the cells in your heart, brain, lungs, and every other cell in your body. Is it any wonder that you might feel run down today and that you have a weakened immune defense?

But This Doesn’t Have to Be The Case

You don’t have to start wearing plastic gloves and a mask everywhere you go to fight against toxic, lurking threats to your energy levels and health. The good news is you can overcome years of toxic damage and daily threats by enhancing your immune system’s ammunition with ImmPower®. Quickly, within days even, you can fortify and sharpen your immune defense, and start feeling healthier and younger than you have in years knowing that your body is fully protected. As a side effect, you’ll experience a surge of renewed energy so you can enjoy doing whatever you love to do.

What is ImmPower’s secret for enhancing your immune system and energy?

ImmPower contains a substance called AHCC, an amazingly potent substance derived from a new, extremely powerful, hybrid mushroom with superior immune-enhancing properties. ImmPower helps to activate a class of white blood cells in your immune system called Natural Killer (NK) cells. NK-cells are born to kill. They are constantly on patrol, looking for harmful cells that would like to take up residence in your body and destroy your health. When NK-cells find these “body invaders,” they shoot them with cytotoxic granules, causing them to explode, and keeping you safe from harm. In addition to this very important role, NK-cells also help regulate your total immune defense and response, ensuring that all aspects of your immune system’s “army, air force, and marines” are alerted and functioning at peak levels.

But you have to keep arming your troops or they’ll be overrun!

Unfortunately, NK-cell function, power, and activity fluctuate throughout your life. That’s because 24 hours a day, NK-cells are battling the effects of emotional stress, the environment, and your health history. As your NK-cell function wears down and response declines, your “defense department” doesn’t attack and kill the “bad guys” as vigorously as it should. The consequences? Your entire immune system becomes exhausted and overwhelmed, leaving you vulnerable, impacting your health, and your ability to fully enjoy life. Fortunately, numerous clinical studies and laboratory results have shown that:

  • Natural Killer (NK) cells are your immune system’s frontline defense.
  • They inject invaders with “hand grenades” called cytotoxic granules.
  • The granule lysis dissolves cell membranes, causing invaders to “explode” in seconds.

ImmPower revs up your immune system’s NK-cell activity by as much as 1000%!

ImmPower is so strong that it commands your NK-cells to destroy deadly invaders. Also, and this is a huge health benefit for you, ImmPower supports peak activity of other key immune white blood cells, like T-cells, B-cells, and macrophages. Can you now see why thousands of health care professionals in the United States recommend ImmPower? Excited researchers have published over 80 peer-reviewed studies on this remarkable compound. Considering what you’re up against in the world everyday, doesn’t it make perfect sense to re-arm your immune system with the explosive granules your NK-cells use for ammunition so they can demolish dangerous “health robbers” and help you maintain good health?

ImmPower works quickly. It helps the body to kill off unhealthy “invader cells” in just seconds. It’s also easily digested and absorbed, and has no negative side effects. This means your immune system can work quietly and efficiently behind the scenes while you’re enjoying good health today and well into your golden years. ImmPower is a proven immune health supplement. It’s powerful., and it’s perfect for helping you achieve the superior state of health you deserve and need in an uncertain world. Why not be prepared? Stock up today.

ImmPower Supplement Facts

Suggested Use:

As a dietary supplement for adults take 2 capsules per day. For maximum benefits take 6 capsules per day with meals.

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Consult a healthcare professional if you are pregnant or nursing.