seasonal sniffles and gut health

Seasonal Sniffles and Your Gut

Digestive health is related to so much more than just a feeling in your gut. A healthy (or unhealthy) digestive system can impact your immune system and even your mood. There is a reason why many people who are experiencing high stress in life can develop stomach issues or ulcers—your digestive system can be heavily impacted when you are under pressure both mentally and physically. In addition to your immune system and your mental health, your seasonal sniffles can also be negatively impacted by a leaky gut. According to the CDC, “more than 50 million Americans suffer” from the seasonal sniffles annually.

What is “leaky gut?”

To define a leaky gut, first we need to explain what a healthy gut looks like. The digestive tract, when functioning properly, absorbs nutrients through the intestinal walls. However, a number of factors ranging from stress to age can impede the intestinal walls, allowing foreign invaders to get through the digestive system. These foreign invaders can stir up trouble not only for the digestive system but for all the other systems in your body that are closely affected by it, including seasonal sniffles. This is what a leaky gut is—when things other than nutrients slip through your intestinal walls and negatively impact your body.

Combating a leaky gut


The first, most intuitive solution to combating a leaky gut is changing your eating habits. Eliminate foods that can be hard on your gut, like gluten and insoluble fiber, from your diet. Food sniffles can compound the effects, or even be mistaken for, seasonal sniffles. If you are uncertain whether the symptoms you are experiencing are due to seasonal or food sniffles, try an elimination diet to see if the source of your discomfort is from food first.

Immune Support

As discussed above, your immune system health is closely linked to your gut health. If your immune system isn’t functioning properly, it can affect your gut, and in turn can also maximize your seasonal sniffles. ImmPower-AHCC helps to fortify your immune system and helps boost Natural Killer (NK) cell activity against foreign invaders that try to attack your immune system. When your immune system is functioning at optimal levels, you will be better able to fight the effects of seasonal invaders, too.


Since your gut is tied so closely to seasonal sniffles, providing your gut with the microorganisms it needs to function at optimal levels can help you combat the worst aspects of your discomfort. DIGESTSolve 24/7 contains a combination of Bifidobacterium Longum BB536® probiotic, BioCore® Carbo & Dairy Digestive Enzymes and gut soothing herbs–chamomile and fennel. These ingredients work synergistically to enhance digestion and promote healthy stomach function, which in turn can help you better fight off seasonal foreign invaders to your body.

Your fight against the seasonal sniffles will be most effective if you take a multi-pronged approach using the tips above. Of course, it is also good to maintain immunity and gut health year-round. Since your gut and immune system are closely intertwined, keeping them in tip-top shape can also help you fight off any foreign invaders throughout the year, not just when the seasons change.