Synergy between Metatrol and ImmPower

Synergy between Two Effective and Popular Supplements

ImmPower is a pioneer in clinically effective forms of mushroom-derived glycosides, which modulate our immune systems in a beneficial and healthy manner. It remains a popular supplement in both its retail and professional forms. There are numerous studies on the Pubmed database about its biochemical form, AHCC. American BioSciences’ ImmPower brand is generally recognized as the industry leader in quality and availability.

What does ImmPower do?

It makes our Natural Killer (NK) cells work optimally by triggering receptor sites on the NK cell body, which in turn allows it to operate more effectively and efficiently. Many times when people come down with something, or have too much inflammation in their body, it can be due to an inefficient immune system. NK cells are our body’s first line defense and can rid the body of various attackers. Having our NK cells working the way they should minimizes our chances of feeling under the weather. ImmPower has also been proven to shorten the course of the sniffles if taken early on, so it is also good to use during the winter season, or any time of year that the immune system is under attack.

Metatrol is a newer immune system support supplement. It evolved from the research done on fermented wheat germ extract (FWGE), which was the first form of this product. It has been refined over the years and is now sold as AvéULTRA, Metatrol, and Metatrol PRO. Metatrol and Metatrol PRO are, interestingly enough, gluten-free and that is due to the actual germ of wheat containing no gluten, and the fact that this is an extract and not a derivative.

How do they work together?

Metatrol has several actions that work synergistically with ImmPower.

  1. It has actions that cause a shift between the two immune dynamics in the body
  2. Cell-mediated immunity, called T1 immunologically, which is where the white blood cells such as NK of Natural Killer cells directly act on invading cells.
  3. Humoral immunity, called T2 immunologically, which is where white blood cells trigger the release of interleukins, cytokines and other biochemical inflammatory products.
  4. Metatrol can shift an immune system back towards T1 or cell-mediated immunity, which can be desirable in conditions where high states of inflammation are not needed.
  5. Metatrol can remove cell masking. Invading cells can create an antibody coating to avoid NK cell recognition. Metatrol can remove this masking, allowing for ImmPower modulated NK cells to find these unwanted cells more easily.
  6. Metatrol also supports mitochondrial health, which is at the bottom of all anti-aging processes. Maintaining your immune system and supporting your mitochondria can go a long way towards maintaining your overall health and minimizing aging.

These are two supplements that are powerful on their own, but much more effective when taken in combination. They work together to ensure your health better than any multi-vitamin could.