5 foods children should avoid before bed

5 Foods Children Should Avoid Before Bed

It can be hard enough some nights to get your child to go to bed–and stay asleep–without much of a fuss. We all aim to get a certain amount of sleep each night, but it can be a bit harder to get kids to crawl beneath the sheets. Whether it be that they think they aren’t tired, aren’t on a consistent routine, or are amped up for some reason, it can be a challenge when bedtime rolls around. What about the times when they’re being fussy though, and you’ve done all you can to ensure quality sleep and it still doesn’t work?

If that’s the case, take a step back and think about your child’s diet for a second–what did they eat for dinner? Not typically thought of as a culprit that can derail your child’s sleep, certain foods are known for making it harder for your child to get some good shut eye. Let’s look at five different foods that you should avoid giving your child before they go to bed at night!

Cauliflower and Broccoli

Yes, these cruciferous veggies are wonderful for your child, and provide many vitamins, minerals, and protein for their growing bodies. However, these high fiber foods given late in the day can cause some stomach issues into the night, since they take a while to break down within the digestive track–and therefore end up possibly having your little one tossing and turning all night.


Besides knowing that these bubbly drinks aren’t great for you in general, they are terrible before bedtime. Not only do they usually contain caffeine, but they also are loaded down with sugar, leading kids to be wide awake when they should be dreaming!

Red meat

Similar in digestive effects as cauliflower and broccoli, red meat is a high protein food, which can take much longer to digest, and therefore can end up keeping your child awake at night as their body tries to process the meat! This includes bacon, pork, steak, and sausage–all of which are harder to digest and can inhibit decent rest.

Ice Cream

This sugary treat, along with cookies and candy, are high in sugar–ultimately leading to your child being wide awake with a sugar rush instead of winding down for bed. It’s best to avoid these treats right before bed, or at least a couple of hours beforehand.

Orange Juice

A citrusy drink usually reserved for breakfast time, orange juice has many vital vitamins and nutrients, but if your child is prone to reflux, then giving them such an acidic drink before bedtime can make the reflux that much worse when they go to lie down. OJ also contains sugar, so this can aid in keeping your child awake at night.

This is just a small compilation of different foods that your child should avoid before going to bed in order to ensure the best night of sleep possible. Pay attention to how your children sleep after eating certain foods, to see if it might be the one thing detracting them from quality shut eye!