7 herbs that will boost your mood

7 Herbs That Will Boost Your Mood and Keep You Motivated

Holistic therapy is becoming increasingly popular and involves the therapeutic effects of natural herbs. If you’re set to improve your lifestyle, you must try herbal supplements, aromatherapy, and tea. Also, the therapy is mostly devoid of side effects and provides essential nutrients to your vital organs, mental health, and physical health. Some herbs that act on your mental sphere are lavender, valerian, and chamomile. Such herbs rejuvenate your senses and curb mental fatigue. Along with this, you may consider herbal remedies in case of mood issues and lack of motivation.

7 Herbs That Will Boost Your Mood

Here are the top 7 herbs that will boost your mood and stabilize the mental pathways.


One of the ideal ones to consider for your mental health is chamomile. It is available in two major variants, namely the Roman and German variants. Also, the herb contains potent chemical constituents like chamazulene, apigenin, and bisabolol. Such components are responsible for the mood-boosting properties of the herb. All you need to do is start your evening routine with a cup of warm chamomile tea. Along with this, you can try other ways like extracts, pills, or edibles to keep mental fatigue away. It alleviates anxiety issues, promotes better mood, and may curb sleeplessness.

Cannabis (THC and CBD)

Another herb that may help in psychological issues is cannabis. It grows mainly in the Central Asian region and is a psychedelic herb. With constituents like cannabidiol, the herb can calm your nerves down. Also, it can interact with the brain receptors like cannabinoids, and may promote cognitive abilities.

Some health benefits of cannabis edibles are relief from discomfort, inflammation, and mood swings. Not to forget, long-term use might slow down nervous degeneration and enhance your mood. Make sure that you get your hands on the supplements containing negligible THC for maximum psychiatric aid, like GreenPower 10 or 20 mg. Shatter weed is just one form of dabs and contains THC, which has a psychoactive side effect that CBD does not.


Are you fond of the fragrance of lavender essential oil or scented candles? Lavender, or lavandula, is a potent herb that is beneficial for your mind. The herb is rich in many components like linalool and linalyl acetate. Also, the herbal extracts ease restlessness, calm your mind, and transform the mood. You can use the lavender extracts in several ways. From the attractive fragrance of lavender essential oils to the calming effects of lavender tea, every type of vehicle is beneficial for your health. On top of this, the herb might prevent depressive episodes and keep you motivated.

Lemon Balm

If you’re in search of an herb that is both gentle and rejuvenating, then lemon balm may be the right choice. Mellisa officinalis is quite effective in treating nervous disorders and calms your mind down. Also, the herbal extracts possess high levels of rosmarinic acid and caffeic acids. It helps in promoting cognition, uplifts your mood, and curbs neurodegenerative effects. You can use the herb as a garnish in your meals or prepare a refreshing tea out of it. Either way, it incorporates mental stability and prevents the aging of the brain.


Herbs like rosemary have an attractive aroma and are effective in aromatherapy sessions. You can use herbal extracts in case of low mood and anxiety issues. Also, the plant is rich in constituents like terpenes that may increase cognitive abilities. Try rosemary essential oils, creams, or tinctures to improve your concentration span. It alters the mental pathways and makes you more energetic than usual.

The herb may control mental fatigue after long hours of work and mental exertion. All such factors play a vital role in strengthening your immunity and keep you motivated. Include the herb in your meals and wellness routine to transform your energy levels.

St. John’s Wort

Herbal aid is quite effective in treating psychological issues ranging from depression to mood disorders. You can try out herbs like St. John’s Wort to treat mild to moderate mental depression. Also, it enhances your mood and calms your nerves down up to a great extent. Some chemical constituents like hypericin, hyperforin, and iso hypericin interact with the neurological pathways. Further, the herbal supplement boosts your mood and prevents restlessness. Research suggests that the extracts may relieve the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome as well. Get your hands on the tea extracts or capsules to improve your lifestyle.


Sage, or salvia, is a popular herb that improves your cognitive abilities and uplifts the mood. If you’re experiencing a lack of motivation or endless sorrow, then you must try sage. It increases alertness, curbs mood issues, and might enhance concentration levels. Also, the chemicals like luteolin, rosmarinic acid, and camphor possess many medicinal properties. The herb may increase the levels of acetylcholine neurotransmitter that alters your mood and increases memory retention. Along with this, the herb is quite beneficial for your mental health and eases anxious thoughts.

Final Verdict on the Best 7 Herbs That Will Boost Your Mood

Herbal supplements are gentle, effective, and calming on your body. Mental disorders like mood issues and lack of motivation call for reliable herbal therapy. In such cases, you can use herbs like lavender, chamomile, or cannabis. Such herbs act on your brain’s receptors and improve cognitive abilities. Also, the therapy contributes to negligible side effects and replenishes your body’s nutritional reservoir. All these factors support the usage of herbs for your mental health. Not only will it ease out the stress, but it also prevents mental fatigue and accelerates brain functions. You can try out the herbal supplements in the form of tea, edibles, softgels, and capsules. Hopefully these 7 herbs will boost your mood whenever you are feeling overwhelmed.