magical mushroom

AHCC, Nature’s Magical Mushroom

AHCC is the main ingredient in ImmPower: Immune System Support Supplement. This magical mushroom extract has numerous benefits including supporting your immune system and increasing energy. ImmPower helps to fortify and sharpen your immune system. Most people have completely overlooked this crucial element to feeling younger and healthier. In doing so, it’s like living in a bad neighborhood with your front door wide open and a crook at every turn, leaving you vulnerable and in danger of major attacks on your health! ImmPower can help you fight outside invaders.

Are all AHCC products the same?

No! ImmPower is made of only the highest quality mushrooms from Japan. No other AHCC on the market has the same high quality blend that ImmPower does. Plus, each batch of ImmPower is tested for quality and purity. ImmPower is the exact same product that was used in scientific studies and research on AHCC. Other AHCC products don’t compare.

How fast does AHCC work?

In order to raise your Natural Killer (NK) cell activity to a peak level, we recommend that you take six capsules a day for the first month. Then, for maintenance, you only need to take two capsules a day thereafter. Of course, if your immune system needs an added boost, you can continue to take six capsules a day for as long as you need to supercharge your immune system.

Is AHCC safe?

Yes! AHCC is safe for any adult to take, although we recommend you consult a healthcare professional first if you are pregnant or nursing before incorporating ImmPower into your supplement regimen. Keep ImmPower out of reach of children. Not only is ImmPower safe, but it is also one of the world’s most powerful immune stimulators. There are no known contraindications with taking ImmPower, but if you have any concerns, please consult a healthcare professional.