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AvéULTRA Wins Health, Beauty, & Wellness 2017 Award

American BioSciences is pleased to announce that fermented wheat germ extract (FWGE) supplement AvéULTRA has won the LUX International 2017 Health, Beauty, & Wellness Award for Best Immune & Cell Support Solution. Per LUX, the winners are “chosen through a combination of votes gathered from [their] network of respected industry partners and [their] own rigorous in-house research.” AvéULTRA was chosen out of a variety of supplements from all over the world.

AvéULTRA was introduced by American BioSciences in 2009. This revolutionary product was an improvement on the original award-winning fermented wheat germ extract formula, Avé. Backed by scientific research, FWGE  has been proven to:

  • Support cellular metabolic regulation
  • Promote immune system support and modulation
  • Maintain healthy cellular and humoral (Th1/Th2) immune balance

American BioSciences also has a new FWGE – Super Concentrate, called Metatrol. Award-winning Metatrol has all of the same bioactive properties as AvéULTRA, but is gluten-free. FWGE (either AvéULTRA or Metatrol) can be taken with American BioSciences award-winning product, ImmPower AHCC, for maximum immune defense. While FWGE supports cellular metabolic regulation, AHCC boosts Natural Killer (NK) cell function with the power of mushrooms.

To find out where to purchase any of these products, please contact us at or call (888) 884-7770.