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Chronic Pain Management Resources for Cancer Patients

Most cancer patients deal with chronic pain at some point over the course of their treatments. While some can continue with their usual routines despite it, others find that chronic pain makes it impossible for them to enjoy the activities they once loved. Some doctors may recommend high-quality supplements to adjust to lifestyle shifts and relaxation tactics. Every person’s approach will be unique, and you’ll likely find a few effective suggestions in these resources.

Mental Health

It is normal to feel shocked, upset, and frustrated after receiving a diagnosis like this. Here’s how to care for your mental health as part of your approach to pain reduction.

  • Before testing out any pain management techniques, give yourself the necessary time to process your diagnosis
  • Meditation can provide some pain relief, and it can also help you to manage symptoms of anxiety and depression

Lifestyle Tips

Changing your lifestyle can help you keep your pain levels under control. Talk to your medical team about these healthy lifestyle habits.

  • Many people turn to yoga for chronic pain management – depending on where you experience pain, certain poses can help you find relief
  • Your tastes may change as you undergo treatments, but focusing on eating anti-inflammatory foods can help reduce your pain levels.
  • It can be difficult to fall asleep when you’re dealing with chronic pain, but these tips can help you doze off

Finding Support

You don’t have to struggle through chronic pain on your own. Connecting with supportive professionals can be the key to feeling your best.


  • Chronic pain can be exacerbated by anxiety and depression, and working with the right counselor may be a good strategy
  • Hire a nutritionist for advice on eating healthy, meal planning, and coping with nausea and other treatment symptoms
  • Sometimes you just need to relax! Finding a skilled massage therapist can be a gift to yourself

Battling cancer is not an easy journey; and living with chronic pain is an unfortunate reality for most cancer patients. While you may not be able to completely eliminate chronic pain, there are definitely things you can do to make your day-to-day life easier, like adding some yoga poses, improving sleep quality, and taking high-quality supplements. As you work with your medical team to chart your path forward, keep these resources handy to turn to for reference.