foods that are good for your immune system

Foods to Keep Your Immune System Strong

Food is not just fuel; it’s also a large portion of what builds up the systems in your body to help them function at optimal levels. Seasonal changes can add extra stress to your body and your immune system, making it difficult to stay healthy when you need it the most. But you aren’t just at the mercy of the weather and your immune system. There is a lot you can do in order to provide immune support and keep your body strong all year long, no matter what your environment throws at you. Try out some of the following foods and incorporate them into your diet in order to get the best benefits for your immune system.


Rich dark chocolate may seem like a food item you can only splurge on once in a while, but consuming a moderate amount of dark chocolate can help improve your mood. In turn, having an improved mood makes being active and positive a whole lot easier. Don’t be afraid to have a bite or two of a minimally-processed dark chocolate bar regularly in order to get those good endorphins in your brain going.


While not necessarily a food, turmeric is a great Indian seasoning to use in many of your cooking adventures. This powder is derived from a perennial plant closely related to ginger. The ground root may be able to help reduce inflammation, and in turn, help your body function at a more optimal level.


Beans and peas are great additions to any diet. Along with being packed with fiber and low in calories, these legumes have tons of folic acid (B9). Folic acid is used to treat anemia and to improve the function of the central nervous system. It’s a necessary vitamin for pregnant women in order to avoid spina bifida in an infant, as well as an important one for all people in general in order to provide proper immune support.


Pumpkin, and other squashes, are chock full of carotenoids. These substances are used by the body in order to create necessary vitamin A. You need vitamin A in your body in order to help provide helpful antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that help to remove potentially harmful oxidizing agents from the body, helping to support your immune system and keep you healthy. Consider a delicious pumpkin soup or some roasted butternut squash with Brussel sprouts.


While these cloves have long been touted as having beneficial health properties in the Mediterranean diet, we now know that garlic is not just a delicious ingredient. Fresh garlic mixed in dishes is a great way to improve your intake of allicin, a natural bacteria fighter. Roughly two cloves of fresh garlic a day in your food could help to provide immune support when you need it most.

For hundreds of years, people used food as medicine, and many of the same principles can still apply today in order to provide you with the immune support that your body needs. Don’t let your immune system suffer, help it out in every way you can!