off the grid

Getting the Right Nutrients If You Live Off the Grid

There are almost 200,000 families in America that are living off the grid. Many of them try to be as self-sufficient as possible—growing their own food and produce and foraging what they need from the land. This can sometimes be challenging, especially if you are growing seasonally, or live in a cold climate. It may not always be possible to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs through diet alone. However, taking supplements regularly can help with this; then you can be confident that you have had the right nutrients to keep fit and healthy. 

Boosting your immune system

When you are living off-grid, it is important to have a healthy immune system, as you may not always have access to regular medical care. To do this you need to eat a good balanced diet, that includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You should exercise regularly and get enough sleep. You should also make sure that you are practicing good hygiene by keeping clean and washing your hands frequently. Taking a supplement can help you to maintain a strong immune system, by supporting cytokine production and encouraging T-cell production. It will help your body to fight the toxins that you are exposed to daily—these can attack your cells, making you vulnerable to illness. You should be able to feel the effects of a good immune system supplement in as little as two weeks, giving you renewed energy and vigor. 

Keeping active and fit off the grid

An off-grid lifestyle is a very active one, as you have to work around the daily challenges of generating energy and making sure you have enough fresh water filtered. You may also be spending time producing and growing your own fruit and vegetables. It is important to keep your joints and muscles working as they should do and taking a supplement such as FLEXSolve 24/7 can help. Using all-natural ingredients, like lemon myrtle powder, celery seed extract, and devil’s claw root, FLEXSolve 24/7 promotes flexibility, strength and mobility, whilst protecting the joints. It is a natural herbal formula suitable for everyone. 

Looking after your digestive system

If you are growing your own food and eating seasonally, it may not always be possible to get the right nutrients to fully support your digestive system, especially in winter when fruits and vegetables might not be so abundant. Taking a supplement that includes some powerful probiotics and natural herbs can help maintain good digestive health. Regular use means that you won’t feel bloated, especially after eating meals that are heavy on carbohydrates or dairy. Natural ingredients like fennel and chamomile can also help reduce unwanted gas, so that you always feel comfortable. 

Taking a good supplement if you are living off-grid, means that you will always get the vitamins and minerals that you need to support a healthy lifestyle. The right nutrients will help to keep you fit and active, so that you can concentrate on providing the important things that you need for everyday living.