ImmPower Packaging Change Notice: Beautiful New Label, Same Amazing Product

Exciting announcement: ImmPower, the best-selling dietary supplement from American BioSciences, has gotten a makeover. ImmPower was the first product to popularize the Japanese fermented mushroom ingredient, AHCC®, in the United States. These capsules support the optimum function of the immune system’s Natural Killer cells, providing consumers with a non-toxic, nutrition-based method to boost their immune health.

The ImmPower bottle looks different, but the contents are the same.

American BioSciences has changed a few key details on the label of the ImmPower product, including the following:

  • New text colors on the product name: The first three letters, “Imm,” have been changed from a light blue to a more vivid yellow shade. The remaining letters, “Power,” have been changed from a light aqua color to white. In addition, the text has a drop shadow added to make the title pop.
  • A new silver stripe: Key product details that used to be in a dark gray box are now located in a silver rectangle that catches light nicely.
  • Minor changes in wording: Some phrases have been edited for clarity and helpfulness. For instance, the phrase, “Keep your immune system defense as strong as it can be,” was changed to “The Leader in Immune Defense Since 1999.”

Despite these changes to the outside of the ImmPower capsule bottle, what’s inside remains the same trusted formula as before. The bottle still contains 30 vegetarian capsules, and each capsule is still 500 mg of the best AHCC on the market.

Reasons for the label update

We love ImmPower’s new look, and we hope you will, too. The updated label is meant to enhance brand recognition and make it easier for consumers to pronounce the name correctly as “Imm-Power” and not “Immune Power.”

This new label design will also give the product an enhanced shelf appeal, with colors that are eye-catching and the silver stripe that has a faint sheen.

If you need an AHCC® product, choose ImmPower

ImmPower is the product that you should choose for superior quality AHCC®. Order today.