ImmPowerD3 Wins Best Immunity Supplement Award

American BioSciences’ all-natural ImmPowerD3 has won the Better Nutrition magazine 2017 Best of Supplements Award for Best Immunity Supplement. This award is given every year to the most distinguished, well-researched natural products in the industry. ImmPowerD3 is made up of AHCC plus vitamin D3, the “sunshine vitamin.” ImmPowerD3 can be taken daily to provide immune protection for healthy people who can’t afford to come down with anything that would slow them down.

Immune Support Powerhouse

ImmPowerD3 contains two of the most renowned immune support ingredients, ImmPower-AHCC and Vitamin D3. By combining the two into one little pill, ImmPowerD3 can help give you the daily support you need to maintain an active lifestyle. ImmPower-AHCC supports Natural Killer Cell (NK Cell) function, the immune system’s front line defense, while vitamin D3 promotes T-cell activity. It is important to keep your NK cells in tip top shape to fight invading cells that might make you to feel under the weather. These two ingredients work in harmony to give your immune system the strength it needs to keep up with your busy schedule.


ImmPowerD3 Best Immune Support Winner

More Award-Winning Immune System Support

ImmPowerD3 joins two other effective immune supplements from American BioSciences. ImmPowerD3’s sister product, ImmPower, was awarded the 2011 Best of Supplements Award. ImmPower is the original AHCC supplement, and harnesses the full power of mushroom extract to boost natural killer cell activity. ImmPower supercharges your immune system to fight back when you are already feeling the effects of an attack on your cells. 

Metatrol: Fermented Wheat Germ Extract – Super Concentrate (FWGE-SC®), won the same award in 2016. Metatrol is the most potent and super concentrated FWGE dietary supplement ever produced, and the only one that is gluten-free! Metatrol can be taken with either ImmPower or ImmPowerD3 for maximum immune defense. When coupled together, AHCC and FWGE will help you tackle any health challenge.