skip lot testing

Rejecting Skip Lot Testing

label may give you a general idea, supplement manufacturers have historically not been required to test their raw materials and prove that what is in their supplements is actually there in the levels that are claimed. However, in 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began requiring raw material testing for all health supplements, but there were some loopholes and caveats to these tests: skip lot testing.

What is skip lot testing?

Skip lot testing is a practice approved by the FDA that allows supplement manufacturers to only test a certain percentage of the raw materials and final natural health supplement for potency, authenticity, and contamination. While certificates of analysis must be provided for every raw material shipment, the manufacturer may only choose to look at every couple of shipments closely using the skip lot testing method.

What are the problems with skip lot testing?

While skip lot testing may be allowed and may seem appealing to supplement manufacturers, it’s actually a problematic process and risky for consumers. Not all raw materials that are shipped to manufacturers will have the same potency and be free of any contaminants, and while it is nice to think that the certificates of analysis provided by the raw material companies are accurate, in reality, they are not always. This can put the consumer at risk of consuming potentially dangerous contaminants or paying for potency that they just aren’t receiving.

Why do companies use skip lot testing?

Many supplement manufacturers may opt to use skip lot testing in order to save money by reducing the amount of costly tests that need to be run on raw materials and final products. In addition, by foregoing the tests on every batch of raw materials and final products, companies try to avoid not just the costs, but the time lost, the staff needed, and a reduction in paperwork. This is especially true if a supplement manufacturer has to send samples to a third-party lab versus having an in-house testing facility.

Why American BioSciences never uses skip lot testing.

As much as skip lot testing can seem like an appealing choice for many supplement manufacturers, it can actually be a dangerous practice. Here at American BioSciences, we reject skip lot testing for two reasons. The first is that we care about the health and well-being of our customers. When you purchase an American BioSciences product, you can trust that the potency is correct and that you’re consuming exactly what the label states. The second is that we pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers only the best natural health supplements. We can only do this through rigorous testing and quality assurance procedures of our products.

Skip lot testing is a problematic process that allows supplement manufacturers to take shortcuts with their products and even put consumers at risk. American BioSciences never uses skip lot testing, and is the premier name in natural health supplements you can trust. Learn more about our line of products online today!