top tips to keep your joints strong

Top Tips to Help You Keep Your Joints Strong

Joints are very tricky parts of the body, and joint problems plague many. While there isn’t a lot you can do to stop the aging process, there are many different ways you can bolster your joints’ strength in order to help reduce, or even eliminate, joint pain. Keeping your joints strong, and providing them with everything they need, can help to improve your overall quality of life for the long run. Being able to move comfortably can be the difference between giving up as you age and maintaining your mobility and independence. Keep the following in mind in order to keep your joints strong and healthy.


We often harp on the importance of exercise because it can make a difference for many individuals. In fact, a recent study showed that regular exercise can even greatly reduce fibromyalgia pain for many sufferers. Exercise helps to keep joints fluid and strong. Even if you simply have to start with walking for just 10 minutes, or even walking in a pool for 10 minutes, you’re headed in the right direction towards healthier joints.

Strength Training

Utilizing strength training as a form of exercise is an exceptionally important way to help improve your bone density and can help to improve joint support. While our joints do carry a heavy load, the muscles surrounding them help lighten this load. They can only do that if you keep your body strong. Whether you use simple bodyweight exercises or you feel up to lifting weights at the gym, strength training is the support your joints need for long-term health.


In addition to strength training, moving and stretching can make a big difference for your joints. Combine a variety of exercises like yoga and regular stretching to help keep your joints moving and help you feel your best.


In addition to making sure you get plenty of exercise, making sure your joints have plenty of the nutrients and lubrication they need in order to function well can also be an important factor in your overall joint health. Supplements like FLEXSolve 24/7 and omega 3s can help to provide lubrication and relief to help you get moving better. It’s important to find the right supplement mixture for you, so this may take time and some trial and error.

Lose Weight

While we know that losing weight isn’t the easiest, it’s one of the best things that you can do for your joints if you find that you’re on the heavier side. If you’re carrying around even just an extra 15 pounds, your body has to compensate for the added stress of doing so. This added weight can impact a wide variety of factors concerning your health, especially your joints. This added weight, combined with gravity, puts additional pressure on your joints and impacts the soft tissue. The soft tissue is more likely to degenerate due to the daily wear and tear that it experiences. Change up your diet, shed that extra weight, and your joints will be the first to thank you.

Know Your Limits

Lastly, it’s exceptionally important to understand when your body is trying to tell you to ease up. Knowing your body’s limits can help you to push yourself, without injuring yourself. This is especially true when you’re engaging in physical activities that are hard on your joints. It’s important to be able to say, “Okay, that’s enough for today,” and then push a little further again the next day.