summer superfoods

Summer Superfoods to Grow in Your Garden

Gardening can be a fun and relaxing hobby, unwinding your mind, and giving you the satisfaction to reap the benefits of your work. Not to mention the benefits of eating organic food, which is tastier, fresher, cheaper and healthier than store-bought alternatives. If you decide to grow these superfoods at home, you can be sure that the produce you eat hasn’t been treated with pesticides, biocides, or food preservatives. Who said eating healthy has to cost a fortune?

But what exactly are superfoods? Foods with a high concentration of nutrients, antioxidants, and vitamins are considered to be superfoods; however, there is no set criteria or definition to determine whether a food qualifies for the status. So, superfoods are essentially the foods which carry the most health benefits if consumed as part of an otherwise healthy diet. And what’s healthier than homegrown food?

You can even grow certain foods to help boost your immune system, in addition to supplementation to keep yourself healthy during a global health crisis, or just a personal health challenge.

Even if you don’t have much space to spare, it is a good idea to consider growing some of these nutrient-packed superfoods at home—some of them don’t even require a garden as they can thrive in pots in your balcony or kitchen!

Just take a look at the different difficulty levels to determine what foods are the best suited for your gardening skills and soil type and get planting!

summer superfoods